Solutions for Retail Businesses

Protection against fire, burglary, workplace violence and unauthorized access.

Numerous retail businesses work on razor-thin margins thus preventing inventory pilferage is key to retail success. Paladin Trading's Retail security solutions focus on deterring theft and increasing staff productivity, for retailers with a single location or an entire chain of outlets in different locations.

Theft Prevention and Monitoring


Reducing Inventory Theft

Our access control systems restrict where customers and certain employees can access. We help create safeguards to keep unauthorized people out of sensitive areas.


Increased Employee Safety

Surveillance cameras, silent hold-up alarms and perimeter protection from our variety of sensors and detectors keep your people and property safer.
Protection against fire, burglary, workplace violence and unauthorized access to inventory.


Safe Shopping

Our solutions help you maintain a safe shopping environment with integrated solutions tailored to each of your multiple sites, high traffic retail stores and centers.